Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fixed Rate Loan Calculator Should I Apply For A Fixed Rate Loan To Pay Off Credit Cards?

Should I apply for a fixed rate loan to pay off credit cards? - fixed rate loan calculator

I have $ 25,000 in total debt credit card (3 cards). The interest rates are 4.99, 5.99 and 11.74. The card with the highest balance is also the highest interest rates. A simulator of the debt that you can use it to pay in 42 months, with my income. I felt a lump sum of $ 30,000 personal loan at 7.74%. I want to pay credit cards and the rest for attorneys' fees (use the circumstances),. With the same debt calculator, I can do loans in 48 months declined slightly, and probably before.

Is it reasonable to apply? Does it hurt or help my credit card? I need the extra money and do not want to take me home equity and more about credit cards. Thank you for your answers.


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