Friday, February 5, 2010

Cellular Respiration In Sharks How To Improve Cellular Respiration In Animals?

How to improve cellular respiration in animals? - cellular respiration in sharks

I'm doing on a project to streamline how the cell respiration. Currently they have 40% efficiency in energy intake. If anyone has any creative ideas how I could improve cell respiration, would be very grateful.


Macaca said...

Cellular respiration is actually one of the most efficient method for the chemical energy extract (not "make" energy, 1st law of thermodynamics) on the planet would be almost impossible to improve, too. But if you think about ways to improve, think about it, why not "100%" efficient. For example, some energy is lost due to the protons of the journey into the mitochondrial matrix on the ATP synthase, which have a little protein, thus preventing you would prevent it, too.

But in reality, cellular respiration is very good. If they say that only 40% efficiency, you say that 40% of the energy that is contained in the source of our energy is conserved, and stored in ATP and 60% are "lost", especially heat. But remember, we need to burn our body temperature at a constant temperature and in some cases simply calories to keep the temperature voluntarily leave the ring protons through the ATP synthase uncoupling protein, etc.

Rocchie said...

In fact, a kind of point to the next question, because cell respiration is more efficient at 40%. The remaining 60% is used to create other chemicals for use later, a kind of potential energy.

Dering said...

You can increase the proportion of red blood cells in comparison with other components of whole blood.

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