Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taylor 754 Yogurts Machine Warrantless Wire Tapping Opinion?

Warrantless wire tapping opinion? - taylor 754 yogurts machine

I work and I just wanted some advice before starting.

on the basis of the decision of Judge Diggs Taylor in the American Civil Liberties Union, et al v. National Security Agency, et al. (ED Michigan) 438f. Suppl. 2d 754 (2006) What is your position on the legality or appropriateness of the court order for surveillance of telephone and Internet

any help is appreciated ... not back in that you do my work for me ... let me know what you think, any help is great


bigmikej... said...

with intergovernmental communication and required intra-state intervention, I think it is wrong and should be a warrant.

I do not understand that if you live in America and make a call in an Islamic nation, and a number where you can ask about the activities there, you hear what you want.

You need to have something most people forget that they have common sense. If someone named Ahmed in Iran, then someone better to hear the call, or we could have something worse than 911th

If a company is called to another company in an Islamic nation, depend on what the company at the other end of the call.

Russell Mania said...

I do not think that should not be listening to require a warrant. He went to this law the government could terrorists in its spell. It is not spy on ordinary people like you and me, it's not people who talk about smoking marijuana, downloading music, go to escorts. They go after terrorists.

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