Friday, February 12, 2010

Walking On A Steep Incline Is Walking Briskly At A Very Steep Incline Good Cardio And Will Help Tone Your Thighs And Butt?

Is walking briskly at a very steep incline good cardio and will help tone your thighs and butt? - walking on a steep incline

I walk for 20 minutes, then go fast on a steep slope. Trying to drop weight and tone the thigh.
He goes on an inclined plane to help?


hndda1 said...

It depends on where your level of cardiovascular already is. If it takes you breathing hard and sweat, it would be cardiovascular. His heart was beating very fast NEDS is a cardiovascular training.

And it depends on the amount of exercise, and you're feeding. "We will build leg muscles and reduce some fat (from your body, you can reduce the fat of the land).

If you want to achieve more visible results, you must ensure that a healthy diet.

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