Thursday, February 18, 2010

Using Pancake Mix To Make Muffins Can I Make Blueberry Muffins Using Blueberry Pancake Mix?

Can i make blueberry muffins using blueberry pancake mix? - using pancake mix to make muffins

I would really like blueberry muffins, but not like in the store. Can I use my blueberry pancake mix, and only bring in forms or should I say? TIA!


Kelly said...

Yes, of course he can, but use less liquid and egg to add to it, maybe a little more baking powder. I could not fill the cup as I do when I use the batter to the muffin. Wear shirts and should not be a problem.
Love to cook!


Murray said...

If you want a real recipe, you can find something. .1-0, mu ...

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