Monday, February 22, 2010

Piriformis Syndrome Link With Impotence Was I Right To React Like This?

Was I right to react like this? - piriformis syndrome link with impotence

So I had a pyramidal syndrome about seven months, the doctor said during a stop contracting muscle pain is gone, but I'm still by some tests. Three months ago, one morning I woke up screaming in pain and was absolutely horrible stabbing pain in the back of the thigh, I was hospitalized and had an MRI, X-ray, etc. She said he is likely to be linked definitively the syndrome and after I begun, a position to lose his right leg. I still often in pain, so the doctor has me on is a painkiller called Lortab for about three months of pain seems to be the only thing they can do right now, even if the doctor is reluctant at first, as I am until 19th When my fA discovery that has begun to, laugh at me behind my back to work, and even on his status on Facebook! I told them that we are not friends, and crossed the line, then delete the Facebook one, the next day they told me they were a joke. After seven months of moderate pain and distress after three months, I can not really a joke. You think I'm going to take her answer seriously?


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