Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do You Vomit With Gallbladder Attack Dizziness And Vomiting Blood. Gallbladder Removed 3 Weeks Ago.?

Dizziness and Vomiting Blood. Gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago.? - do you vomit with gallbladder attack

First, I want to say that I came to the hospital, acted as if it was invented.
I have my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago, it was reported during the past week and a half I've cause dizziness and drowsiness. The pain, which was previously declared a "gallbladder attacks", have also begun to return it, but sometimes more scattered in the stomach. Over the weekend, I had sharp stabbing pain in his side and was patient immediately went to the bathroom and vomited blood. The first time was half a cup. A few seconds later, I threw up, it was back to one liter of blood. This repeated a third time. I went to hospital and was put in an IV and continuous feeling of weakness. They have a stool sample and a CT scan and said everything looked good, I had to eat something red on. (I n 't and IM blood was stupid ..) Now I am still very weak and shaking uncontrollably, with some stomach cramps and nausea. I do not know what to do. Have you ever seen anyone a similar situation? What they caused these symptoms? II am very concerned ..


Swift said...

You need to a hospital. If you have a dizziness and vertigo, you may suffer excessive blood loss and may need a blood transfusion. If you are sensitive to light, can anemia? Probable loss of blood. Perform a blood test to detect viral infection and iron (Fe counties) and the number of red blood cells (HB Conde)

Pain in the side could be the need to remove the attachment, you may have appendicitis? Find a Doctor

Are you sure that you are not pregnant? And you have not been pregnant and miscarried without knowing?

Hope this helps! Good luck with everything.

Evie said...

If you try to vomit blood again to obtain a sample of IT for doctors to test in. I am not going to discuss.

If your doctor does not listen, find another doctor.

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