Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recipes Using Coconut Oil In Baking, Can I Substitute Coconut Oil For Vegetable Oil?

In baking, can I substitute coconut oil for vegetable oil? - recipes using coconut oil

I'm baking cookies and I realized that I, the vegetable oil in the recipe.
Can of coconut oil, in the same position? Or I should do something else?


" Alice got to me..." said...

Please, please, please do not coconut oil. The taste is terrible. Better use of sunflower oil or butter or margarine. , But no coconut. (Sorry, but the oil of coconut in food, knows how terrible for me ...)

Godberry said...

Vegetable oil is oil, coconut fat and saturated fat is a very saturated. You probably need a different fatty acids.

Jo M said...

The oil from coconuts work could be, but for some people, knows the "soapy water. If you make a great flavor / recipes with spices, it would be less noticeable.

StrawDog said...

Sunflower oil is? - This oil is not diverted in bad taste, therefore the combination of

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