Sunday, January 17, 2010

Videos Getting Wedgies At School OMG Help, Please, What's Gonna Happen To Me???? I Dont Deserve This Right?

OMG help, please, what's gonna happen to me???? I dont deserve this right? - videos getting wedgies at school

OMG OMG OMG !!!!! I need advice, someone really fast! OK, I am a dance school in Nevada and may, on corporal punishment, if ur parents sign a permission, and I did! OMG, what a great number of clicks in the dance well and as we all do crazy things like other girls pants, wedgie giving each other, etc., well, theres this girl shy losers of the only dance, I hate them are pants (shorts ) not only dance tights and I accidentally dropped his pants, too! omg, she began to cry and then the teacher has seen and heard, the informant told me !!!!!!!!! omg, Im so afraid of the teacher (who is a woman-kind) sent me to the cabin and told me I had the whole day in the locker room and then go to "teach me a lesson," as they say! ! ! OMG, this is a private dance school, theres no such thing as the suspension and what can not be excluded that does not ask or say to my mother drive me, so that teachers told me I had two choices: either I would be expelled Mama ( to learn), or should, GEIs there a "lesson", but my teacher wouldnt tell my mother about it. so that it can join the dance, the next time not in trouble! I have to lecture, because when I drove my mother to pay for everything and then go id, the ground for months and perhaps a lesson for them too! OMG, what will happen? What must I do to deserve this? I have taken the lesson of my underwear, so that they learn better, right? the looser it is girl? Help Yahoo! Dance ends in just over an hour and fifteen minutes, and now I'm on a laptop friends in the locker room. she lives right next to the studio and showed the video of this kind of dance it with her old dance school. Anyway, please help, OMG !!!!!!!!!! 1


asdjklgr... said...

OK, honestly. She did not dance in his underwear, and I think nobody will be there. But really, this should not have done, even though everyone else. regardless of the theory is that he survive in, but if you do not want to be removed, try to think about what to do first. im sure that they went to another girl, I would be totally confused that you do not deserve. Nobody deserves to be taken away. obviously care about dancing, if you prefer to stay in the dance, do anything that might get in trouble or deported (I know you did not intend to pull down her underwear, but if the same. You have at least an apology .)

Dancetig... said...

In fact, it should have, so I think he deserves it, and what you do not accept. This is what you get, I guess. Good luck, anyway.

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