Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture Of Chicken Pox Feathers Does The Chicken Pox Vaccine Prevent Shingles?

Does the chicken pox vaccine prevent shingles? - picture of chicken pox feathers

I must really know because my best friends I have, I do not think that we do not want to b Seeeing other every morning and not be able to touch you to be angry with my other new friends from infection, I have the shot I know not whether they are present, get the picture?


Lisa said...

The chickenpox vaccine does not prevent shingles. But you can not get shingles from someone else. You can get a person with varicella-zoster virus, although not immune to chickenpox.

RosaLope... said...

No, do not stop because the vaccine against chickenpox, shingles. Just so you know, is not contrary to popular opinion of shingles contagious. You have not breathe secretions of the actual damage shingles. However, should anyone, herpes is not in contact with someone who did not have chickenpox. For example, if someone has not had chickenpox can get chickenpox from exposure to someone with shingles. Hope this helps.

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