Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eye Doctor Dc Any First-hand Experiences From Those Who Have Had Laser Treatment For Their Eye Floaters?

Any first-hand experiences from those who have had laser treatment for their eye floaters? - eye doctor dc

Apparently, only two doctors in the United States is currently in the process - one in South Florida (, the other in Washington, DC ( These websites will believe me that is a shortage of doctors here have because of the high level of skills in order to destroy the little car, safely and effectively with a potentially very harmful (laser device). However, if the safety of this procedure (in experienced hands) seems to be well documented, is less clear how a truly effective treatment.

I had many tanks "wavy lines" coverage of more than a decade. Although very short-sighted, my eyes are healthy. I am thinking seriously about a visit to Dr. Karickhoff (the ophthalmologist in Washington, DC), but would be interested to hear others have had this procedure or who know something about the effectiveness of what it is.


pirate00... said...

My 70 years old mother just laser treatment 6 months ago ... She is diabetic and has symptoms of glaucoma before. Also, I had known, swims a few years and surgery cured. She said she felt a little itch during the laser treatment, and she had no pain or other processing problems. We hope this was helpful, and good luck to you. Oh, and live in Northern California. had its SX made in the city.

T L said...

Are you sure this is an eye problem and not a question of migraine? Floats in particular "wavy lines" are very often associated with migraines ... and should not become a headache, the symptoms of migraine can only get into your eyes ... I do.

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