Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mini Stomach Ulcer Is It Possible To Be A Hypochondriac With A Phobia Of A Disease And Worry Yourself To A Stomach Ulcer???

Is it possible to be a hypochondriac with a phobia of a disease and worry yourself to a stomach ulcer??? - mini stomach ulcer

Hello. I am 19 years old. Lifestyle included. I'm a hypochondriac, worried with rare diseases. They also suffer from a phobia of HIV.

I am a virgin, I save the marriage. I have never taken drugs intravenously. My parents are healthy. And to my knowledge, ever been stuck by a contaminated needle. I was also 4-to clean HIV test last year, and everything, thank God.

So my mom thinks I have this ulcer from all the worries about the disease as I do. I am sick after eating certain foods. Vomiting of a majority of times when I feel sick. But Lipton pasta or mini-wheat, I'm fine. If certain foods make me sick. And the strange thing is that I am good to be, used to eat.

I fear literally, I get sick? Do I have HIV?


Michelle said...

If you sick. And you do not have HIV.

John said...

Think about it for a few seconds, first, how could I get HIV if you are a virgin, and I think you do not have much to kiss his partner. Second, many have expressed concern, but fortunately you can get stomach ulcers from worry too much expression. Thirdly, try over your phobia, life is too short to everything you see, touch or fear. Enjoy life, do not say so, it is about to have sex, because I think it's great that you're saving for marriage. Do not worry, you're good and you are not infected with HIV.

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